DLM Workshops

We’ve got a bunch of DLM workshops coming up in the next few months from Red Gate Software. We’ve been working on trying to bring some depth to our education, helping DBAs and developers learn how to built smoother software development pipelines for their databases.

The list of workshops is at http://www.red-gate.com/training/workshops/ and we’ll be updating it throughout the year. In this series, I’ll be at these events

  • Mar 10 – Dublin
  • Apr 10 – LA

Certainly more are coming later in the year that I’ll deliver or help out at.

We’ve built a series of three days of in depth instruction, each one building on the next. Our hope is to help you move through the subjects. Right now the days are covering these topics.

  • Version Control for Databases
  • Continuous Integration
  • Automating Deployments

We are looking to try and schedule these over time in a city, so that you’ll be able to learn about VCS for databases, then come back in 3-4 months and take the next step to CI. We might do all three days consecutively, but it’s a lot to learn and cover, and I’d really hope that companies would learn one area, implement it, and then come back to learn the next step.

If you have requests for dates or cities, or even private instruction, let us know. We’re growing a list of partners as well because Grant and I can’t be everywhere, so we hope to be able to help more people learn ways to build software smoother and quicker.

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