Who Am I?

I saw Brent Ozar updating his About Me slide, and thought it was interesting. Not sure if I like what he’s done, but it’s different, which usually attracts attention.

I updated mine last year, with some help from the people at Red Gate. Here’s my slide.

2015-05-26 18_30_25-CI for Databases.pptx - Microsoft PowerPoint

No description of jobs, what I’ve done, my age, company, etc. No MVP or other awards or certifications.

I wasn’t sure about this early on, but I like it. I can tailor the talk about me to the situation, making it short or long. I also include the information on the right at the end of the deck as the last slide, so people can grab it there.

I’m not sure if this works, but I have seen a bit more traffic to my blog and more Twitter/LinkedIn activity.

I also get some fun comments when I’m actually wearing this shirt at a talk.

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