Window Functions at IT/DevConnections

I’m honored to have been chosen to present again at the IT/DevConnections conference this September in Las Vegas. It’s being held once again at Aria, which so far has been the only conference center I’ve seen that handled the bandwidth needs of a tech conference.

I’ve got a few sessions, but one is on windowing queries in SQL Server. It’s an intermediate T-SQL session, looking to get you started in using Window functions in your code. It’s good if you’ve never used them, and I expect I’ll get some developers at this session, perhaps more than DBAs.

If you’re looking for advanced usage, this is the wrong place. I’m not covering complex scenarios. I’m just trying to get you started.

If you can get your boss to invest in your career, this is a good conference to attend, especially if you wear multiple hats or are responsible for multiple roles. You can get the chance to see an amazing set of sessions from some of the best people working in technology. You can learn about SQL Server, Visual Studio, SharePoint, ASP.NET, C#, Powershell, Azure, Windows Server, and more.

The event is in Las Vegas, which is always fun for me. I don’t gamble, but I can take a night and see a show, which is always fun. If you want to come out for a few days, Hoover Dam is nearby, some great hiking outside of town, and of course, lots of music at various venues.

It will be a good time, and I hope to see some of you there.

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