What is the DLM Maturity Model?

I’ve written a few posts on the Redgate Software blog to try and show how I see the DLM model, and how we see things at Redgate. We have a lot of developers that work in a similar way when building application software in C#, Java, Python, or other languages, and much of the company is trying to bring more engineering to database development.

Part of what the DLM maturity model aims to do is help us classify how we progress to a more engineered, repeatable, and reliable way of managing database development. You can read my overview, and then dive into each of the various levels we’ve built. The levels are:

Some of this is based on the CMMI model from the SEI, and some is based on what application developers are doing with their own continuous delivery mode. Simple Talk has written a What is DLM? article as well, and includes a different view of a maturity mode.

I think this process becomes more important over time as we depend more on software and the databases behind them, with fewer and fewer tolerances for downtime or human mistakes in the deployment process.

I’d like to get feedback from people on what they think of this model, and of the idea of engineering better database development. I know many people have built their own process, but far too many of the processes rely on custom scripts that are built and edited for each deployment, sometimes in the middle of the deployment. I think we could actually make database development better if we applied some better structure to our deployment.

Redgate is working on tools to support this, in a few ways, but this isn’t about Redgate. Rather, it’s about building better software for everyone, whether you use Redgate tools, another vendor’s tools, or build your own. Follow a better engineering process.

If you’d like to know more about the CMMI model, Alex Nordeen built a fools guide to the framework. It’s easier to read and understand than the CMMI site.

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