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I’m writing this post from the Open Live Writer project software. I’ve used Live Writer for years, but it’s shown its age. Not the least of which is doens’t support OAuth2, so I haven’t been able to use it with my Blogger blogs.

That should change, but we’ll see. Scott Hanselman noted there’s an open source fork of the software. I downloaded it today, and it’s slightly different, but not much. Mostly fonts from what I see.

I may clone the project and see if I can fix things myself. There are some nagging items for me. However you should get the latest version and keep an eye on the project if you want a better blogging software tool.

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2 Responses to Open Live Writer

  1. rsterbal says:

    You have a great skill set if you can just jump in on an open source project


    • way0utwest says:

      I agree. Not sure how much help I’d be, and certainly intimidated with all the activity on the project. I am tempted to try and work with some of the code, and see if I can do something useful. We’ll see. I do realize that I’m a bit overwhelmed now with a couple other learning projects and one software one. Probably need to watch this one for awhile until I finish something else.


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