Running Powershell with Task Scheduler

Another post for me that is simple and hopefully serves as an example for people trying to get blogging as#SQLNewBloggers.

One of the things I needed to do with my SQL Saturday download process was run this automatically. I don’t want to remember to do this, so I decided to set this up on a schedule.

I ran a quick search and it seemed to be a simple process. Essentially I run the Task Scheduler application and then call my script as a parameter to the PowerShell exe. The first step is to run Task Scheduler.

2015-11-05 11_43_36-Task Scheduler

This has a list of jobs, which I found some to be interesting. I disabled Adobe and a few others. Those are really annoying. I clicked "Create a basic task".

2015-11-05 11_43_47-Task Scheduler

The basic task is a wizard to walkthrough. First enter a name and description. Use something that will help you in 5 months when this breaks.

2015-11-05 11_44_07-Create Basic Task Wizard

I decided to run this daily. It’s not a big deal to me, so I’ll let it just go.

2015-11-05 11_44_16-Create Basic Task Wizard

The time doesn’t matter, and I let it run in the middle of the day. This way I might notice it running sometimes and that will motivate me to keep working on this process.

2015-11-05 11_44_22-Create Basic Task Wizard

I want to run a program, so I choose that in the next step.

2015-11-05 11_44_29-Create Basic Task Wizard

The dialog wants to know which program. In my case, I’ll have to browse to my PoSh code.

2015-11-05 11_44_36-Create Basic Task Wizard

I pick my code and it puts the path in here. However that won’t run as is. If you’ve used PoSh, you know this doesn’t work.

2015-11-05 11_44_44-Create Basic Task Wizard

What I need to do is call powershell.exe. I found this in the reference item below and what I do is add "powershell" to the front of my file, and then use the "-file" parameter. I also enclose my PoSh script in quotes.

2015-11-05 11_44_58-Create Basic Task Wizard

When I click next, I get the warning, which I accept.

2015-11-05 11_45_05-Task Scheduler

There’s a summary after this, but I say OK to that, and then run the script from the Task Scheduler. It works perfectly, so I stop there.

Now we’ll see how it works over time. And if I get the next step working.


This was a quick process for me. A google search, a 2 minute read, and then 2 minutes to build the task.

It took maybe 10 minutes to write this post, most of which was taking the screen shots and resizing them.

You can do this.


I just used one link, which was from the Scripting Guy blog.

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  1. This is such a useful pattern, that I’ll bet you eventually write a script to schedule scripts. 😉


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