Working on the Road

I spend a decent amount of time on the road, traveling to events. Last year I think I spent 50 nights in hotels for work. That’s a fair amount, and it can be challenging to get everything I need to accomplish done in those situations. I’ve gotten good at ensuring my laptops are setup, I have cloud copies of information, or VPN access to files. While I miss my multiple monitors at home, I can work on the laptop for a week without too many issues.

However there’s one thing I often do before trips: I prep. I get most of my tasks scheduled; I pre-build and prepare newsletters. In short, I try to minimize the work I need to do on a deadline when I’m traveling.

This week I have a slightly crazy week.

  • UPDATE Monday, I was supposed to be in Fort Collins, CO, with the State Knowledge Bowl competition for my son. However he had other work to do and decided to focus on his classes, so I went skiing 😉
  • Tuesday, Fort Collins, CO – morning work in the hotel, afternoon Knowledge Bowl competition, evening, a bit more work.
  • Wednesday, home office – Daily work and routine
  • Thursday, Spokane, WA – Hotel working
  • Friday, Spokane, WA – holiday, volleyball tournament for my daughter.

There’s a level of craziness, with changing locations and working sporadically this week. Tuesday should be a holiday, but I’ll have to work around things. I’ll actually try to do some work on Monday around the competition to minimize the disruptions. I have some meetings I couldn’t easily move, so I elected to just work around Tuesday.

Wednesday will really be my only normal work day, though I have an evening flight to Spokane, so I will feel some pressure here.

Thursday is a travel day for my daughter. I’ll be in the hotel working while she wanders around Spokane with her team.

Friday is a tournament, afternoon wave, so if I haven’t finished everything I need, I’ll be working a bit in the am here.

Not my kind of week, but I have these happen at times.

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2 Responses to Working on the Road

  1. rsterbal says:

    I’ve been using the display port and a display port to HDMI adapter to get a second monitor on my work laptop. Do you have that type of port? Would it be worth carrying the cable?

    • way0utwest says:

      I have the display port, but also an HDMI port on the laptop. I just ordered a display -> VGA for connection to monitors.

      If you want to work on TVs on the road, an HDMI cable will work, though resolutions are strange at times. If you do this, I’d carry a 10ft HMDI cable with the adapater.

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