Getting Started with Database DevOps, DLM, and New Tools

Next Tuesday is the next installment of our DLM series from Redgate. I’m off the hook, with Grant and Arneh showing off Git, Team City, and Octopus Deploy as the main tools. Register today and see how you can get started.

We’ve been running this series for a year, with a focus on showing different tools being used to deploy database changes. Of course, we do showcase some Redgate tools from the Toolbelt, but the idea is to integrate with various other common development tools.

68_dlm dashboard red wfillIf you’re looking for an easy way to get started, consider downloading and trying DLM Dashboard, a free tool to audit and monitor your database schemas.

If you’ve missed any, you can see these combinations of Version Control, CI, and Release tools:

  Version Control Continuous Integration/Build Release Management/Deployment
Webinar link Git TFS Build in VSTS Microsoft Release Management
Webinar link TFSVC TeamCity Octopus Deploy
Webinar link TFSVC Jenkins Octopus Deploy
Webinar link Subversion (SVN) TeamCity Octopus Deploy
Webinar link TFSVC TFS Build in VSTS Microsoft Release Management

Feel free to watch any of these, or come to the next webinar and ask questions live. There are more resources in our DLM library.

DLM really can help smooth your development and deployment process, reducing mistakes, and allowing you to deliver enhancements to customers faster.

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