Adding the ReadyRoll Extension in VSTS

As I’m doing a little development with ReadyRoll, I’m documenting some of the things I learn about the product.

A few weeks ago I needed to do a demo with ReadyRoll for Redgate Software. I built a new project, and wanted to perform a build in Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS). However, I realized that I needed to install the extensions for my project to work. This is pretty easy, but worth a short post.

If I create a new VSTS project, I get a blank, empty project page. 2016-07-15 11_30_27-Highlight

If I navigate to the Release page, of course, I have nothing there.

2016-07-15 11_38_51-Highlight

And when I look to add something to a release definition, I have a fairly small list of tasks from which I can choose. These are in alphabetical order, and there’s no “r” tasks.

2016-07-15 11_49_57-Highlight

I do need a build setup, but once that’s done, I still have the same list of three items. I want to add the ReadyRoll extension. To do that, I’ll click the shopping bag in the upper right of the screen. Once I do that, you’ll see I can browser or manage extensions.

2016-07-15 11_41_15-Highlight

I’ll choose Browse, which opens the marketplace. There are extensions for many, many developer tasks, and I’d encourage you to look through the list.

2016-07-15 11_41_45-Highlight

In my case, I’m looking for ReadyRoll, so I’ll enter Redgate to search.

2016-07-15 11_41_55-Highlight

There are three results, the first of which is ReadyRoll.

2016-07-15 11_42_02-Highlight

I can click on the box, and I’ll get more details on the extension.

2016-07-15 11_42_10-Highlight

The extension is free, but I do need ReadyRoll on my desktop to build a ReadyRoll project in Visual Studio. As the page notes, you can download a 28 day trial to play with the product if you like.

If I click “Install”, I’ll get a dialog asking me to confirm the installation to this account. Note there is a drop down if you have access to multiple accounts. The permissions needed are also listed.

2016-07-15 11_47_30-Highlight

Once this is installed, I get a confirmation:

2016-07-15 11_48_14-Highlight

And now when I go to add a task, I see ReadyRoll listed.

2016-07-15 11_49_11-Highlight

I click “Add” and then can configure the task.

2016-07-15 11_49_25-Highlight

That’s how easy it is to add ReadyRoll, or really any extension to your VSTS account.

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