Please Fix This–T-SQL Tuesday #86

tsqltuesdayIt’s T-SQL Tuesday time, and this month is an interesting topic. The invite comes from Brent Ozar, and it’s designed to get you to look at SQL Server. I spent some time thinking about this one and getting a post together.

You can participate as well. Just write a post on your blog, the second Tuesday of the month, link to the invite or leave a comment on their post. If you want to host, contact Adam Machanic.

Better Checks

This Connect item was submitted by Erland Sommarskog, and I think it’s one that is worth spending development time on. The title is Add optional checks for more robust development, and I think it’s a great idea. I’m a big fan of testing and ensuring that you meet standards, that silly mistakes aren’t being made in code, and in general, finding ways to improve developer productivity.

I know that getting errors or failing tests are a pain, but these should drive you to change behavior. If you constantly code “select *”, then you want to get out of the habit. Tests, standards, or other checks are one way to do this.

This suggestion from Erland, which has quite a few votes, is a good one. Getting some sort of warning from deferred name resolution, is a good thing. Having the ability to prevent, or ignore some of the issues, is important. I’d really like to see all of these checks implemented, with the ability to turn them on/off as needed.

These don’t take the place of unit tests with something like tSQLt or automated testing, but they are a good start to helping us produce better software.

If you agree, go vote , and perhaps we can get this implemented.

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