A Sore Throat from Traveling

I’ve been avoiding recording podcasts for most of the last two weeks, so there haven’t been any. My apologies to those people that like the editorial as a podcast, but I’ve been ill and my voice is slightly shot.

After SQLBits, I took ill on the trip home. I had a miserable day in airplanes and then a complete day in bed when I got home. I can’t remember the last time I lay in bed for a day and didn’t do anything productive, but I didn’t bother to even turn on a computer.

It’s been a week and a half, and I’m still a little down. My chest is a bit tight and my voice is weak. At least I’m not feverish as I spent a solid week of fever coming and going, as well as alternating chills and sweats throughout the days and nights.

With a few commitments coming up (SQL Sat Silicon Valley and a Microsoft recording scheduled), I decided to rest things as best I can. Even my assistant coaching volleyball has had me miming actions and softly talking to kids rather than trying to push through.

Traveling is hard, and apparently my two weeks abroad didn’t end well. I’m not quite sure what I caught, but it appears to be some sort of flu bug that is lingering.

Hopefully I’ll be back to full strength before too long, but if I’m a little slow or quiet at events, you’ll know why.

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