More Data Masking Options from The Foundry

I’ve written about The Foundry before, a research group within Redgate Software. It’s a bit like Microsoft Research, but with a tighter focus on specific database related issues. One of the areas of investigation is data masking, which is becoming more important to organizations all the time as development and QA systems get breached by hackers.

In an effort to continue their work, they’ve added a new option to the data  masking: configurable masks. This is is along the lines of the choices that Dynamic Data Masking gives you in SQL Server 2016+, but it’s built for refreshing your dev/test systems.

If you think you want to understand the issues and how masking might help you, give the POC a try. It’s a basic representation of the problem (deployed in Azure) that you can play with and investigate the issue.

We’d love feedback, and perhaps some of this will make it into a product, or maybe this will just be research into the issue. Either way, it’s the chance to participate and learn a few things about the problems that we face with databases.

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