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Getting Started with Spawn

I’m excited that the Redgate Foundry is working on some cool projects. The Future of DevOps is one and part of that work is with Spawn. I’ve played with this a little, and I wanted to write about a few … Continue reading

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SQL Census–From the Redgate Foundry

The Foundry at Redgate Software is our version of Microsoft Research. Kind of. We tackle some projects that are interesting and might make good products at some point, but we’re looking at the in the investigative phase. You can read … Continue reading

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More Data Masking Options from The Foundry

I’ve written about The Foundry before, a research group within Redgate Software. It’s a bit like Microsoft Research, but with a tighter focus on specific database related issues. One of the areas of investigation is data masking, which is becoming … Continue reading

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The Foundry–Data Masking Research

For most of the time I’ve been working for Redgate, we’ve had some sort of R&D group that tries out new ideas. Over the years we’ve done this in a few ways, evolving things over time. I had the chance … Continue reading

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