SQL Census–From the Redgate Foundry

The Foundry at Redgate Software is our version of Microsoft Research. Kind of. We tackle some projects that are interesting and might make good products at some point, but we’re looking at the in the investigative phase. You can read about the Foundry here.

Some interesting work is taking place in the Foundry and there’s one project that I think is interesting and solves a problem that many of us have had, but I’m not sure how commercially viable this is in the real world.

Maybe you can help us learn more.

SQL Census

SQL Census started as investigation into the area of security, something that is both very simple in SQL Server, but can also become a cumbersome, complex, nightmare.

The work has progressed well, and there’s a product available. Sort of. It’s in the stage where we are trying to decide how to move forward with both future development and starting to sell this. For now, you can get a look at the tool and give us some feedback. We’re really looking for more information about

  • Do you need this for compliance purposes?
  • Will this help you better secure your environment
  • Does this meet permission management needs?
  • Something else?

We’re like to get more users, especially those that have larger environments where there isn’t a single user or role that everyone has.

If you’re interested, read a little about the product and give it a try.

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