La La Land Speaking at SQL Saturday #640

I love LA. In many ways, it’s a fun city to visit, and I love taking a few minutes, even just a 10-20 minute walk along the boardwalk on some beach. I’ve looked forward to quite a few trips to LA in my life, and I often take advantage of offers to go back when I can. This was my last trip in 2015 to Huntington Beach.

Photo Apr 09, 1 35 53 PM

There are a few SQL Saturday events in LA, and the latest is #640 at the Microsoft Center in LA proper. I’m honored to have been accepted and am looking forward to the trip in June.

I’ll be presenting my Continuous Integration for Databases talk, looking at how we can build a CI pipeline for our database code in an hour. We’ll go into detail with what CI means and the general process. I’ll use a few tools, but there are many ways to setup CI, so I don’t recommend one over the other.

I’m redoing this talk for another event, and I’ll end up with a subset of that work for this event, but hopefully I’ll show you a few things that will help you in your daily work and improve your database code.

There are lots of other great sessions, and this is a free day of training in LA, so pass the word and I’ll see you June 10.

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2 Responses to La La Land Speaking at SQL Saturday #640

  1. rsterbal says:

    Will you be able to report on how it went? I’d like to start capturing the data on the number of attendees, the venue, the costs and the logistics from as many perspectives as possible.

    • way0utwest says:

      I won’t have any of that information, other than how it went from my side. If you want specifics, it might be good to contact organizers. Every event has an email setup for it.

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