SSoL: Where are my data and log files?

I don’t think most of us need to know Linux, but if you end up managing a system, it’s good to have a little idea of how to get around. This is a short series of posts as I remember the skills I used to have back in university.

This is easily documented, and once you start working, you’ll learn this, and it is documented, but after a few weeks when I actually go into a Linux VM, sometimes I forget. Most of the time I connect with SSMS, and it’s just another server.

Data and log files are stored in /var/opt/data. You can see this in SSMS by selecting the properties of the server instance.

2017-06-15 11_21_18-Server Properties -

If you check the Files tab in a database properties, you’ll also see this:

2017-06-15 11_22_41-Database Properties - AlwaysEncrypted

You can also get this in Linux by starting the file manager as root. In a terminal type:

sudo nautilus

and enter your password. Then browse to the folder (computer/var/opt/mssql/data) as shown here:

2017-06-15 11_19_11-Ubuntu 64-bit SQL Server .210 - VMware Workstation

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