SQL Prompt Gets Even Better

SQL Prompt v9 came out recently, and just when you thought they couldn’t make it better, they found a way. If you click the menu for SQL Prompt, you’ll see a couple new items.

2017-11-29 14_55_40-SQLQuery2.sql - (local)_SQL2016.AdventureWorks2014 (PLATO_Steve (66)) - Microsof

Code Analysis!!! Finally, a first step towards some sort of better analysis of code. These are a set of rules from our SQL Code Guard acquisition and we’ve integrated these into Prompt. Now you’ll get some green squiggly’s to alert you to potential issues.

For example, I get two in this short, poorly written code. The first item is a TOP without an ORDER BY, which usually isn’t a good thing.

2017-11-29 14_59_07-SQLQuery2.sql - (local)_SQL2016.AdventureWorks2014 (PLATO_Steve (66))_ - Microso

The second item is one of those that I would like to put in all CAPs for developers. No asterisks.

2017-11-29 14_59_11-SQLQuery2.sql - (local)_SQL2016.AdventureWorks2014 (PLATO_Steve (66))_ - Microso

Right now there are a set of static rules, but we are working to add more and allow you to customize these items. We’re also looking for feedback on how you might like to apply or surface these rules to your staff. Please, if you have comments or questions, ask at the Redgate Hub.

For now, you can disable analysis, or disable selected rules. Click the Manage link, and you’ll see a list of rules, which you can turn off as needed.

2017-11-29 14_55_51-Sql Prompt - Code analysis rules

Static analysis of SQL code has a long way to go, but I am looking forward to seeing more improvements appear in SQL Prompt and our other products over time.

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