Join Me Online Next Week for SQL in the City

It’s one week to SQL in the City 2017, once again streamed. I’ll be traveling this weekend to the Redgate office and getting setup. After two days of rehearsing, I’ll be ready for the live broadcast Dec 13.

Here’s a quick promo video as well:

Once again, we’ll be covering a number of topics that you will be interested in such as code analysis, performance counters, Database DevOps, and more. Perhaps a topic that most of us need to learn more about is data protection and privacy. We’ll have a bit to discuss here as well. This is a topic that is important for us as GDPR will take effect in 2018 and will impact us, as well as many of you.

You can see the full schedule, which is going to be broadcast twice. A lunch show for Europe and an evening show (for me) for the afternoon in the US. We’ll be live both times, so tune in and bring your

A long day for me, though I hope to get out to the gym between the shows. We’ll see as I’m sure I’ll have a few meetings with product groups as well.

Register today and I’ll see you online next week. Brings lots of questions and we’ll do our best to give you the answers you need to improve your database development.

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