Speaking in 2017

I’m done. No more trips (and no more time) to hit any events this year. As I wrote recently, I’m doing less in 2018, so this review might be quite short next year.

In any case, I thought I’d look back at how speaking went in 2017. I have a speaking CV where I track all my events, so I can get the numbers easily from there. By the numbers, 2017 was:

  • 18 total events
  • 34 total talks
  • 15 unique talks
  • 5 SQL Saturdays (not a lot)
  • 5 virtual events (3 from Redgate)
  • 4 new events for me
  • 4 countries in which I delivered talks (1 new)

Overall a long year for me. Those 18 events resulted in a lot of trips and about 80 nights in hotels. I had some work engagements as well, but most trips involved speaking somewhere.

I am saddened that I didn’t present at any user groups this year, which is something that hasn’t happened in awhile. Hopefully I’ll do better next year at getting to a few user groups.

One thing here is that I discounted some of the Redgate DevOps webinars that we do monthly. I probably did 5 or 6 of those, but I’m not really presenting in most of these, mostly hosting, so I left those out.

Oh, and 1 Habitat for Humanity talk to add to this list Winking smile

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