The New SQL Provision Dashboard

As much as I liked the ability to quickly and easily build development and test databases with SQL Provision, I thought the dashboard of cloned databases was hideous. It left a lot to be desired, and frankly, the dark theme is annoying to me. Here’s my old dashboard.

2018-08-06 10_52_18-Microsoft Edge

I wasn’t alone, as various customers were asking about enhancements and additions. The team has been listening and I talked with them a few months ago during a meeting about possible ideas and designs. I saw an early mock up, and was hoping it would be released soon.

After coming back from vacation, I saw an update was available, so I applied it. After a few minutes, I saw this:

2018-08-06 10_51_11-Socrates - VMware Workstation

Once this was done, the page refreshed, and I saw the dashboard. I know, not much has changed, but look at the upper right part of the screen. There’s a blue box that says “Preview new dashboard”.

2018-08-06 10_51_51-Socrates - VMware Workstation

Once you click this, you get a new dashboard, which thankfully doesn’t use the dark theme. What’s nice is that I also get some information at the top of what my activity is. I can see the total clones and images, and the machines that are working or having issues.

2018-08-06 10_52_28-Microsoft Edge

I also have options for resorting the clones and images. I can change the sorting, which is set by the client, not the server. This means one person can see clones by instance, while another can see clones by image.

2018-08-06 10_52_49-Microsoft Edge

If I change this, you can see that I get a new view at the bottom.

2018-08-06 16_24_40-Microsoft Edge

There are more changes needed, and some coming. There is a feedback item when you switch to give feedback to the team, and I’d encourage you to do so. Certainly I think sizes or some calculation of total sizes for images and clones is needed. It would be nice to get filters for sizing, so I can also tell if someone is using a clone to do a lot of work and growing it’s size. One of the important things here is that you ought to not get to wedded to a particular clone. We want to rebuild these as needed.

I’d also like to see some way to link images to a source and perhaps group them so that I know how many copies I have of some database, like production. While I think we definitely need a couple of images at any time for rotation, we want to get control of our systems and limit the number.

If you have other feedback, let us know, and we’ll build a better dashboard together.

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