Redgate Releases Sept 2018–Practicing DevOps

At Redgate, we build tools to help you build software in the entire DevOps cycle. In fact, I love this new graphic that shows the areas that we focus on in the entire software development cycle.

We don’t just preach DevOps, we live it. As an example, here are the releases for September:

SQL Monitor (Sept 11, 20) – New viewing and reporting options

SQL Clone (Sept 11, 24, 25) – Added reset, new notifications and an EAP of the  next version!!!!

Data Masker/Figleaf – Sept 5, 14, 25, 26 – Bug fixes for Data Masker and enhancements to Figleaf

SQL Change Automation – Sept 19 – cmdlet updates and bug fixes

SQL Backup – Sept 6 – import registered servers

SQL Compare/Data Compare – Sept 3, 17, 24 – bug fixes in frequent updates releases

SQL Prompt – Sept 12, 25 – refactor insert into updates, bug fixes

SQL Source Control – Sept 24 – bug fixes

SQL Test – Sept 4 – bug fixes

SQL Index Manager – Sept 3 – bug fixes

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