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Webinar: The end of support for SQL Server 2008

Coeo is a partner with Redgate Software. Tomorrow they are hosting a webinar on what your position will be if you are still running SQL Server 2008 or R2 now. Extended support ends next year and now is the time … Continue reading

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Better Keyboard Extensions in Azure Data Studio

I used to use ALT+X to execute queries in SSMS. I spent years with this shortcut, but as I started to present more, CTRL+E felt more natural. I’ve now grown used to that, so when I typed CTRL+E in Azure … Continue reading

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Quitting Over Training

I saw a tweet awhile back from Alex Yates that said this: “If your employer won’t provide training because they are afraid you’ll become more employable and get a job somewhere else… it’s time to quit. Immediately.” That’s a strong statement, but … Continue reading

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