Better Keyboard Extensions in Azure Data Studio

I used to use ALT+X to execute queries in SSMS. I spent years with this shortcut, but as I started to present more, CTRL+E felt more natural. I’ve now grown used to that, so when I typed CTRL+E in Azure Data Studio (ADS), I was less than pleased.

2018-10-19 17_06_57-● SQLQuery1 - Azure Data Studio

Even trying to get help here didn’t help.

2018-10-19 17_07_18-● SQLQuery1 - Azure Data Studio

I actually had a conversation with Kevin Cunnane when this was SOS and he pointed me to the keymap extension.  You can get this by clicking the extensions icon on the left side of ADS:

2018-10-19 17_12_50-● SQLQuery1 - Azure Data Studio

Once you do this, search for keymap, and you’ll see Kevin’s extension.

2018-10-19 17_13_03-● SQLQuery1 - Azure Data Studio

You can see details for the extension on the right.

2018-10-19 17_18_34-Extension_ SSMS Keymap - Azure Data Studio

When you click “Install”, you’ll go to Kevin’s repo on Github. Click the link to download the VSIS extension. This gets saved in your Downloads folder (or wherever you have downloads going).

Go back to ADS and use the File menu to find the VSIS installer.

2018-10-19 17_18_28-Extension_ SSMS Keymap - Azure Data Studio

Browse and double click the VSIX file you downloaded. You’ll see a message in the lower right of ADS.

2018-10-19 17_19_48-Extension_ SSMS Keymap - Azure Data Studio

Click Yes, or no, but if you click No, this won’t install. In a few seconds, if you clicked Yes, you’ll see this:

2018-10-19 17_19_57-Extension_ SSMS Keymap - Azure Data Studio

Click Reload, and ADS will close and reopen. Your query window should still be there, and CTRL+E will pop the connection dialog, since the connection closed. Once you connect, the query will run with CTRL+E

2018-10-19 17_20_10-● SQLQuery1 - Azure Data Studio

The full list of key mappings is available on the repo or in the package.json file.

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