Do You Have a SQL Server Estate?

At Redgate, we do a lot of research. Maybe not as much as Microsoft Research, but we are always trying to investigate more about customer problems and challenges before we build or change software.

Take our survey on SQL Server Configuration Management and you could win prizes. Or a prize.

I’ve never thought about managing an estate, but not that I live on a horse ranch, that has a little more meaning. In the past, I’ve managed hundreds of instances and thousands of databases. That’s certainly an estate, but even when I had 5 servers, that is something of a small estate of things to keep me busy.

At Redgate, we know there are lots of challenges in managing SQL Servers. We constantly have a team of people working on SQL Monitor, and they are releasing changes every week or two. In fact, we just released v9.0 this year, full of enhancements customers have asked for.

In addition to the tactical team that’s building and fixing things day to day, we are doing future research into where to take our monitoring and tuning software. That’s some of what this survey is about. Let us know about which things might help you smooth the process of managing systems.

Give us a few minutes and a little information and take our survey. You might find that a future version of SQL Monitor contains something you thought would be useful.

Take the Survey today.

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  1. rsterbal says:

    Do you maintain a public list of the enhancements that customers have requested?


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