Adding bash to Windows 10

Awhile back I added the Windows Subsystem for Linux to my machine, rebooted, and promptly forgot about it. After all, I’m doing more PoSh these days and bash isn’t something I need. Until I needed it.

I went to start it, thinking it was there, and got this:

2019-03-27 12_00_46-cmd

I’d written about this before, but I was really using the git bash shell and not the Windows one. So, off to the store. I search Bash and get this.

2019-03-27 12_00_19-Microsoft Store

However, now I have decisions to make after clicking the button.

2019-03-27 12_00_28-Microsoft Store

I’ve done some Redgate and Ubuntu work, so I chose Ubuntu. This leads me to more buttons to click.

2019-03-27 12_00_38-Microsoft Store

Once installed, I clicked the “Launch” button from the store and get this. I guess it isn’t really installed.

2019-03-27 12_05_08-Ubuntu

Once this completes, I need to create a user. After all, this is really a Linux installation running inside Windows. I give a user and password.

2019-03-27 12_08_04-sjones@Plato_ ~

Now I’m good. In a normal command prompt, this works.

2019-03-27 12_08_14-sjones@Plato_ _mnt_c_Users_Steve

Very cool. Now on to other work.

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