T-SQL Tuesday #113–Personal Databases

This month we have a really interesting question for the T-SQL Tuesday invitation. Todd Kleinhans is the host and asks about personal databases. Do we use them for anything? Quite a create question for a professional.

My Personal Database

I don’t really have a lot of databases that are for personal use. I do a lot of testing and I have lots of sample databases from various sources. I have samples from Microsoft, various stats from sports leagues, even one with lots of SQL Saturday stuff (I need to make that one public). However, when I’m away from work, I’m usually away and don’t manage stuff in a database


I started to build one a few years ago to track some aspects of my life. It’ s a work in progress and like many of the databases out there, it’s a mish mosh of various unrelated items. For example, I’ve so far built some entities to track these items:

  • speaking events
  • places I’ve traveled or want to travel
  • a bucket list

That’s it so far, and there’s no GUI. It’s not even accessible outside my desktop (though I do make backups). I need to move this into the cloud and be able to enter new data in there from any place. My intention is to get this back up in a website about life, maybe with links to pictures I want posted, maybe a visualization of travel, maybe just as a central list of things I’d like to do in life.

I’m really not sure, but that’s it for now. I may add in exercise or other things in my life where I track data. In fact, that might be the next thing, perhaps sucking data from MapMyrun.com or Garmin Connect, where I’ve stored lots of data. Perhaps an ETL project is in the works here in the future.

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3 Responses to T-SQL Tuesday #113–Personal Databases

  1. TC says:

    I have a personal database I started back on 2005, have upgraded through each subsequent version, and am just moving off my laptop into Azure.
    I use it to track my finances, my reading, and a few other things. Theres some ETL for files like bank statements (some SSIS, some Powershell), and an SSAS cube built on the finance schema so I can easily examine my finances in Excel pivot tables.


  2. Jonathan Ridenour says:

    I had a database of personal finances then I started using an online aggregator. So I stopped using it.

    I keep track of my home improvement expenses (103 yr old house) in Google Sheets. This online format is easier than a self hosted simple table database and more functional.

    Just as I’d never recommend a client run their finances in Excel, I’m not sure keeping track of my cat’s vet visits in a SQL database is the best use of my time either.


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