Strategies for Compliant Development Down Under

I’m doing a tour of Australia and New Zealand with our SQL in the City crew. We’re going to be in Brisbane, Christchurch, and Melbourne on three consecutive weeks.

Register today for Brisbane, Christchurch, and Melbourne. You can some see me talk about compliant development strategies. Privacy legislation is increasing around the world, and Australia is one of the countries leading the way.


New Zealand is thinking of passing more laws, so the ideas will be applicable there, but really, these are just good ideas. While we have solutions from Redgate, and I’d love you to use our tools, I also want more compliant development taking place everywhere.


I’ve heard wonderful things about Melbourne as a vibrant, high tech city, and I know that privacy and security are important topics to people there. I hope to see lots of you coming out to see how your SQL Server development can go faster, while avoiding any potential issues with data breaches.


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