The SQL Change Automation in SSMS Beta

Give it a try, as the beta is out. I’ve been watching this product and getting updates for the last six months or so and lately I’ve been pushing to get this out. It’s close enough to be useful and helpful for me, and I wanted to get other feedback.

Someone listened and you can now try this. If you’ve been using SCA (SQL Change Automation) in VS, now you can work in SSMS as well.  give it a try and let us have your feedback. I’m excited to get migration based development into SSMS.

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2 Responses to The SQL Change Automation in SSMS Beta

  1. Michelle Furtado says:

    Artifacts built with SQL Change Automation have full support for data changes, and you can include static data. SQL Change Automation completes your database delivery process by building, testing, and deploying the database and it changes you and your team check into version control. Then you get a fast and reliable way to check and deploy your database changes, and because SQL Change Automation plugs into the build and deployment tools you use for your application, you get more out of your existing infrastructure.


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