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Republish: Too Large a Workload?

I’m on the ground in Australia, but who knows what time it is. No idea if I can work, so you get Too Large a Workload? again.

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Republish: Debugging SQL Server

In the air today, actually, I’m going to miss today. I’m flying to Australia, and as I cross the date line, I’ll lose today completely. Somehow. Read: Debugging SQL Server while I’m in my time machine.

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A Lost Day

I’m writing this in advance, as I usually recommend for all bloggers, because this is a lost day for me. I’m not going to experience May 27th, 2019 on the Earth. This happened to me last year as well, when … Continue reading

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What Keeps You Employed?

I get asked this question regularly each year as I start coaching volleyball: “what do you do?” New parents are always interested in what the coach does outside of running their kids around a court. This year, I actually got … Continue reading

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