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Update Your PASS Profile

If you haven’t logged into your PASS profile, please do so now. You should be able to get to this page: Once you’re here, there’s an announcement: Voting is coming this year, and no matter what you think of … Continue reading

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Burning Out

We tend to work a lot of hours as data professionals, developers, even IT management. It seems that we often are in the office at night, on weekends, and anytime there is a crisis. Even when we don’t have down … Continue reading

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The SQL Change Automation in SSMS Beta

Give it a try, as the beta is out. I’ve been watching this product and getting updates for the last six months or so and lately I’ve been pushing to get this out. It’s close enough to be useful and … Continue reading

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Republish: Small Experiments in Data

It’s time for another SQL in the City Summit. In Austin this time. You get a republish of Small Experiments in Data

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