Getting Downtime

It’s been a crazy year, as are many of my years. I tend to like that, because I prefer to be busy rather than idle. That’s good, but I am aware of the dangers of doing too much, especially across time.

Most of my travel comes from May-October, and I’ve had a lot this year. In that time frame, I’ve had 4 international trips already, with 2 more to come. To help deal with that, I know I need some breaks between trips.

Last week I was in the UK for work, but I knew that I would get a little break this week. You might have seen that I’ve republished a few editorials as I was in Custer, S.D. this week. It’s a camping week with the family, and a chance for me to unwind with no real connectivity or responsibilities. A good break for me after a bit of travel.

I decided to take off August this year from travel. I’m sad to be missing a few events (Louisville, Baton Rouge among them), but I need the downtime. I also take my daughter to university in  a couple weeks, so I’ve got a long weekend helping her move in and then touring New York state a bit with my wife.

Like lots of IT people, I struggle to get away from work at times, so I’m making an effort to get better. You should as well.

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