Day 7 Sabbatical, Part Deux

Another ranch day, in more ways than one. This one started early, with me up at 630. My wife and daughter were out at the National Western Stock Show, and I wanted to get over there later, so I started early. Packed up and out at the loafing shed by 745. This is what I found.


Just how I left things last summer. Well, minus the tools, ATV, etc. There was a touch of wind, 5mph or so, and I was slightly worried, but I decided to get going. I measured the first panel, marked it, and went to cut it.

I got about 5s from the generator before it died. No fuel. I went to get more, which is when I snapped the picture above. Minutes later, I had this.


We’re off and running. Each panel has to be put up on the side and the angle marked. This is the best way to go, since the ground is uneven.


When I measured for the metal, I measure at the long end, to get the length. Then I move 3ft in and repeat.


I wrote the measurements down, since I have a few panels here and some on another small shed, all of which need to be sorted out. For instance I have 2 99” panels, one for this one, one for the other. I also have a few on the back side that are similar to the West (other) side.


That last cut is tough, since it’s a 10ft shed, and I need to get 1 foot out of a 3 foot panel. Cutting these by myself is hard as they are sheet metal and flimsy, with just some wood to hold it off the ground. But I got one side done.

Then the next side.


The panels are sorted by size and stacked. That’s how the vendor sends them, and I got smarted this time. As I found panels I didn’t need, I set them aside and marked the length on the back. Later, this makes things faster.

Around 10:30am, I was looking good.


It’s chilly, but not too cold, and the wind only causes problems during gusts. I usually pause slightly there, before lifting a panel off the ground.

Cutting these things goes through a blade.


And gloves


I was in a hurry, trying to get going at 12:30, so I forgot to snap a final picture of where I ended up. All sides done and one corner. I need to cut and fit other corners, but also more roof work, but it was getting late, and it looked like rain, so I packed things up.

I also have tractor maintenance scheduled tomorrow, so not sure I’ll get back out there Wed, but we’ll see.

I changed and raced downtown to the Stock Show, where my wife was competing. It’s an obstacle course, which is hard for horses. They don’t like change, and little things, like a tarp on the ground or a moving plant, are scary.  At least she made the jump.


Afterwards I hung out with them, walking around, taking care of the horses, and enjoying a difference side of life. We even watched a little mutton busting, which I wish I’d made a kid do years ago.

A late night getting home. No real guitar today, a couple minutes at bedtime, but I was beat. Tomorrow should be better.

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