Day 8 Sabbatical, Part Deux

Too windy to work outside today, but plenty to do inside. An early rise with a few things on my wind. First was catch up blogging, since I was up late. Then racing to the gym for an early workout. Too late for yoga, but I just switched lifting around for yoga tomorrow.


Then a few errands. Dog food and more hardware supplies.


Then back home for breakfast and a little guitar. Since I had a little time, I spent about 20 minutes going over another blues lesson, getting a few licks to practice. I’ll do more tonight.

Next, starting chores. Too windy for shed work, and while I was waiting for the tractor service guy, so I decided to do a few things. First, go get the ladder from the shed, which let me take a shot of how far I got yesterday.


Looking good.

Next, I did a few minor things, like change lights in the 20ft garage ceiling, wire up a second garage opener for the shop side, and clean up a bit. These little chores ate up some time, but they let me catch up on a few things I always let go because time feels precious.

Tractor serviced, which is good, and another thing off the list.

Next, the winch. I had all these parts, which I needed to bolt this to the building. In trying to work out the best way to do this, I walked out and put things up in the air and tried to visualize the best way to do this. With a small idea of what to do, I next laid things out and tried to mark up where to cut.


Then some metal cutting. The Dremel helps here.

Once I got this cut, drilled a few holes in my clamp and then assembled once side. I realized this might not quite work. However, I have other ideas. I’ll just need a few more bolts to make this work. I have a massage tomorrow morning, so I can likely pick up more bolts and see if I can then actually assemble this on the table, which will help me decide if it’s worth dragging things out to the arena.

For now, it’s about time for volleyball practice, so I need to spend about 15 minutes coming up with a plan of things to work on. Then, practice, dinner, and more guitar tonight.

A less productive day overall, but not too bad. At least I have a few things working that I’ve been wanting to get going for awhile.

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