Day 9 Sabbatical, Part Deux

An early start, this time for more maintenance.


One of the tractor tires had blown out a few years ago and I replaced it. Now the other one is constantly leaking air and it’s a bit cracked. I’ve been meaning to get this done, but since it’s in use every other day as part of the ranch, it’s hard to time.

I loaded up a bale early yesterday so the maintenance guy could do his thing. Then today, I got up at 730 and went out to remove the tire and take it to the shop. They promised it by 1pm, so we’ll see.

After that, it’s back to the house for breakfast and a few minutes of guitar practice. No lessons, just messing around. It’s really  nice to not be under time pressure for anything. That might be one of the best benefits of the sabbatical in that my mind is more relaxed.

I had booked a morning massage, so I’m off for that, which is nice. I struggle to fit these in during my daily life. So far I’ve gotten two in two weeks. Then it’s a few errands. I buy a battery for my solar powered winch, get a few more bolts from the hardware store, and get some groceries.

At home, I cut more metal and start assembling my winch stuff. I need to test this out in the actual location, but I do press the terminals against the battery and verify the winch works. Unfortunately, I also realize the battery has large auto terminals and the winch has small bolt eyelets.

Grrrr. It’s always something.

I grab my stuff and load it into the car for the 200ft trip to the barn. Before that, I go get my tire. It’s not ready, but I spend a few minutes with the guy that owns the shop while they finish. I’ve known him for years and it’s nice to chat a bit about his new expansion, which is something that I’ve been rooting for. Back home, I need to put on the tire.


It’s cold, so I hurry, using the large sockets I bought to get this one. This is the smallest one, but it fits here. This is also larger than the largest tire iron I have, so this was a good purchase.


I gas up the tractor since it’s at the barn, load up my winch parts, and move it into the arena. I start to assemble the winch on the pole, which involves some elbow grease and a few choice words, but I can’t quite get the bolt to thread back through the pipe clamp. I should have tested this, and should have brought a socket. It looks like it will work, so I leave things for tomorrow since I don’t have a battery connection anyway.

It’s mid afternoon at this point, and I’ve let guitar go for a few days. I start dinner and while it’s simmering, I spend an hour working through a few songs. I play along with Spotify, and my fingers can feel it. I’m definitely not playing enough.

Then it’s off to yoga, the store for battery terminals, and back home to eat. I made Red Curry Lentils with Sweet Potatoes and Spinach. It’s good. Others have eaten, so I finish and then relax with my wife for a bit. It’s been a long day for her, but a relaxing one for me.


Didn’t accomplish a lot, but was more relaxed than most other days.

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