Day 19, Sabbatical Part Deux

Home today, with some tradespeople coming for estimates on flooring. I made coffee and cleaned up a bit, and then they showed up. I cooked while they measured and then got one estimate, one coming. Refinishing our hardwood is in the $4k range and adding in two rooms is about $3k more from one. We’ll see where the other comes in.

After estimates, a touch of guitar. I’ve been struggling to remember all the parts of Wonderful Tonight, as you can hear below. However, I’m working through it and as I spent some time this am. I think I have the notes, not I need to ensure I build some dexterity and can make the chord changes.

I also sat and read a bit to relax before going outside. I’m up to 13 books read this year. That’s a bit over last year’s pace, and certainly being relaxed and having time to take a 10-15 minute break sometimes is really nice.

Apparently, I’m not quite missed at Redgate, as they have a stand-in for the annual marketing meetup.


Kendra is even co-presenting with me again.

EQFjCmgU4AAzQSg orig

Maybe I should get flat Kathi/Kendra/Grant for when I go to the office in March? We’ll see.

The rest of the day for me was time in the gym, then a few errands, then coming home to a minor repair.


Someone asked about the lights I’d replaced in the barn, and they are LEDs. Here’s a shot of the two new ones I put in yesterday.


A show of a bright tack room now.


Then it was inside with a little guitar.

A relaxing, and somewhat unproductive day, but a cold one, so I’m going to call it good.

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