Day 20, Sabbatical Part Deux

The end of four weeks, and not much of a day today. It started snowing last night, and we cancelled a dinner date with another couple as we were worried about the roads. Glad we did, because all schools cancelled this am, so my oldest son was home (he’s a teacher). The roads were having issues in the mountains along I-70, so I decided not to try and go skiing. Dangerous roads, a forecast of wind, and then a cold (19F) day at the base. That meant likely a 8-10F on top of the mountain (or colder), which is no fun.

Instead, my wife and I decided to treat ourselves this am and be lazy. There’s a new donut shop, and we decided to try it. We almost bailed going out of our neighborhood, as it was snowpacked, but the X5 made it. Glad, too.


The donut shop was open:


Lots of choices:


And we got a sampling of a number of items.


We then came home and all went out to help with chores. It was cold and snowy, but not windy (yet). Lots of snow, and we loaded up big bales on the tractor to get them out to the horses.


We had to do three, which takes awhile, but this will keep us from feeding and fighting snow for a few days. I also ran the tractor blade around the path to keep the snow from accumulating too much.


I went up the road, but someone had plowed since we got home, and things weren’t bad.

The horses were happy with our couple hours out there doing chores.


Now it’s going to be an inside day. I cancelled volleyball practice today. Snow is forecasted to keep coming, a number of other places have cancelled events, and there’s no sense endangering anyone.

I’ll ride the bike, play guitar, and cook some shrimp tacos and relax.

Four Weeks In

Hard to believe I’m two thirds done with my sabbatical. Only a little over two weeks left, as I’ll take two days in between to go speak.

I was talking with a few friends about the time off. My first one was structured. I volunteered and took a college class, so I had things to do most every day, as I’d committed to items and it felt like work, but different work.

This time I’m completely unstructured. Nothing really planned, but lots of small, random things. I’ve gotten some done, with lots of guitar time. That’s something I’ve never really done for myself, and having time to concentrate every day has given me a more consistent hobby, and one that I hope I’ll continue to work on. I don’t really want to perform, but it is relaxing to just play. I sometimes do that after work in the UK, as there are a few guitars in the lobby. I’m even considering just buying one over there I can leave and bring to the hotel when I’m there for a week.

I haven’t gotten as much done on the basement and garage, but weather has been a mess, and I’ve substituted some work my wife needed done. A few things repaired, and more to do, which is likely where I’ll spend more time the next few weeks, dealing with ranch items.

I’ve also managed to snowboard every week (except this one), and I have 3-4 more days planned, so that’s good. I’ve gotten a massage each week, and hit the gym most days.

Overall, this has been mentally relaxing as I am not trying to create content or think too much. I’m just working with my hands, getting things done. If I can trench out an electrical line for water and get my door lift working (still planned), this will be a success. I also realize how tiring and hard it is to not work at a desk every day. I’m love my job, and I am itching a bit to go back, but I’m also happy to get this break.

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