Day 24, Sabbatical Part Deux

Week five has been slow. I’ve missed a few days, mostly because of a mini vacation and illness. Monday I felt worn out. A busy volleyball weekend and a month of working with my body and not sitting at a desk is quite a change. I did manage to get my winch working on the door, and then took a break, puttering around the house and doing more guitar practice since it was cold outside.

Monday afternoon and Tuesday were spent in the mountains. We drove up to our place in the mountains and relaxed, no family, no pets, just us. We built a fire for the first time in the fireplace and had a chance to just chill.


Tuesday was skiing, which was fun. Still a day short on my once a week during the sabbatical, but I’ll catch up next week with a few days up there.


I was feeling a bit ill, and worse yesterday. A cold coming on, so most of yesterday was in bed and more of the same today. A few minor chores, but really trying to heal since I have a three day coaching fest this weekend in Greeley, so I need to get better.

I’d be this busy if I had work, but also stressed, trying to fit things in. I’d likely be working in bed today, and not resting. It is nice to have the break and not be too crunched to get a lot done.

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