Day 27, Sabbatical Part Deux

Down to the last week. Actually, I have one complete week left. I’ll go back to work next Wednesday, Feb 26. That’s because I’m working today (Tues) and tomorrow, speaking at an Oracle event in the North Denver area. I submitted early last fall and heard I’d been accepted after planning the sabbatical. Rather than cancel, I decided to attend the event and take a couple extra days. So, an interruption, but that’s fine.

Catching Up

The last week has been slow on things related to the sabbatical, but still very busy. The last three days have been at a volleyball tournament in Greeley, CO. Three nights in hotels, coaching all day with lots of emotions, excitement, and struggles. While I think the team slightly underperformed, I was pleased that they managed to take a 15th place tie with a few teams and finish in the silver bracket. That’s the first time in 4 years of coaching that I’ve had a team finish in the top half of a three day tournament. Not sure I had much to do with it, but I’m glad they did well.

A quick turnaround at home, as I’m in Westminster today, in another hotel tonight. It feels like the last few weeks have had a lot of nights away from home, with time in Pueblo, Vegas, Keystone, Greeley, and now Westminster. On one hand, a very busy time, on another, still relaxing and a glimpse of retirement.

I didn’t take a guitar up Friday, but I did get some time in Friday morning and yesterday, working through some old skills, and adding some rather difficult sections to “Landslide”, which I’ve been wanting to actually learn. I think I know what to play, but not quite sure I’m playing it well. Still, something to work on. One nice thing was getting home yesterday afternoon, laying in bed and playing a bit and my wife falling asleep listening. She likes to hear me working through things, and it’s relaxing for me.

The last week has also been a glimpse of retirement for me. I have things to do, but I’m not pushing or rushing through them. I’m slowly working on various projects that I or my wife need done. I’m also getting to the gym a bit, though the weather last week and some ill health slowed that down.

I hope to get back to the gym on a regular schedule, as well as try to finish up a couple things. I need to do more repairs on the hose caddy and donate a few more things, as well as throw out a few more things. The basement is more organized, which is a partial goal. I’ll have Thur and Fri to work on that, and then I’m done. Sat-Tue is skiing with family, and that will be it for the sabbatical. Work starts Wednesday, and it’s a busy day. I’ll get a couple more updates, and then a retrospective next week on the entire time away.

As much as I have enjoyed this time, I agree with Brian. I’m ready to go back to work. I have a great job and I’ve missed it, especially the people.

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