T-SQL Tuesday Live–A Neat Solution

Travel is limited, or banned, in many cases these days. Events are cancelled or postponed, and there is a limit to how much contact we should have with each other. That’s hard in many ways, and it’s a challenge.

I’ve been working at home for 17 years and it’s hard for me. This is a big change and there’s a need for adjustment for many of us, myself included. To give you a chance to step away from work, I’m taking a page from Mike Walsh and Straightpath Solutions. I’m going to set up a T-SQL Tuesday live meeting on Tuesday. I’m going to take an hour during the time I’d often eat lunch and run a virtual water cooler and run a virtual T-SQL Tuesday live meeting.

I’ll use Zoom with this meeting URL: Removed (see the most recent post for the URL)

The date: Tuesday, March 24, 2020

  • 13:00MDT
  • 15:00EDT
  • 19:00UTC.

Rather than just a random get together, though we can talk about anything, I’m going to set a base topic and hope some of you come to participate with some thoughts.

This week, Mar 24, I’m going to set the topic to be this:

What’s a neat solution you found recently to a problem?

This could be work related or not. Technical or non-technical. We’ll let the discussion go where it goes.

If you’re looking for a little community contact, feel free to join me on Tuesdays. I’ll post a new topic each Monday that can think about.

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