T-SQL Tuesday #126–Folding@Home

tsqltuesdayIt’s T-SQL Tuesday time, and this one is interesting. This also relates to the desktop upgrade I wrote about last week. Glenn Berry is the host, and he asks us to talk about any work we’ve done with Folding@Home.

If you’d like to be a part of T-SQL Tuesday, get a blog and post on the second Tuesday of the month. Follow the Twitter #tsql2sday hashtag of check out the sqlcommunity.slack.com channel for T-SQL Tuesday.

Supporting a Cause

Years ago I did some of the work for the SETI project, by setting an agent on my home machine. At some point I rebuilt the machine, forgot I’d had this set up and went on with life.

With the recent Covid-19 pandemic, Glenn wrote about supporting the cause by using some of your CPU cycles to process data for medical teams. I was interested in this, along with some other ideas, and this was easy for me.

I’ve been in the process of rebuilding my home machine, as I wrote about. While I’m slowly moving things over to the new machine, I am using it online as a client for the Folding@Home project, donating CPU cycles for whatever medical research I can. With my old machine also running, I’ve been getting quite a bit of work done overnight as I set both machines to use lots of resources.

Other Covid-19 things I’ve been doing are the daily coping tips, which I’ve put in the SQLServerCentral newsletters, on my blog, and on the Community Circle. Small things, but more than a few people have noted they help.

A few minor things:

  • T-SQL Tuesday live – a weekly open video call to just chat (this week’s call)
  • Live Stairways – teaching a class live, as I learn.
  • Open space get togethers with a few friend. We have a lot of land, and some friends, kids I’ve coached, and others are cramped in small suburban spots. We’ve hosted a few outside times, socially distanced, people brining their own chairs, just to help them cope.

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