Do You Have Big Data?

Data sizes are always growing. Stats on world data are astounding, as are the stats many of us experience in our lives. Plenty of us have moved from MB management to GBs, and I see plenty of people dealing with TB storage at home. Most of that data is likely from images and video, but I wouldn’t be surprised to find some people capturing lots of IoT and other random data about their lives.

As data professionals, likely we don’t quite have the explosion of data inside our organizations, but we certainly do have increasing database sizes. I see this with customers all the time, often with continued or expanded collection of data and no archival plans. The number of customers with > 1TB databases increases every year.

Overall data volumes are growing at a faster rate than our growth in processing capabilities. That is nothing new, as we’ve always collected more data than we can easily process. Even if you avoid image, video, and audio data, likely you have more CSVs, extracts, and export files than you know what to do with. Maintaining this data is hard, and dealing with all the associated systems is a challenge.

I wonder today how many people think you have big data issues. No matter whether you deal with GBs, TBs, or something larger, do you feel that managing all your data is a big part of someone’s job? Can you analyze all your data, at least at the rate your customers would like? Can you keep up with queries and extracts?

This article talks about some of the challenges, and how the problems with big data are going to to continue to plague us for some time. Does the article resonate with you? Or perhaps you feel that you have everything under control. I’d be curious in either case. Leave me a comment and let me know.

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