Pgadmin Environment Variables

I’ve had to do some work on PostgreSQL, and I wrote an article at SQLServerCentral about getting started. Once I had things working, and could connect from Azure Data Studio(ADS), I also wanted to get pgadmin working in a container for admin tasks.

I downloaded the container and ran it with this:

docker container run -p 5050:5050 \
-e '' \
--name="pgadmin4" --hostname="pgadmin4" -d dpage/pgadmin4

However, when I checked status, it would always be down. When I checked the logs (docker container logs pgadmin4), I’d see this:

2020-09-29 13_54_02-cmd

Ugh. I kept looking through docs and checking different posts. Lots of different options with quotes that I kept trying, but eventually when I went with double quotes, things worked.

Leaving off the –d let me see this was actually starting up.

2020-09-29 13_55_27-cmd

This was on Docker for Windows, with Linux containers for me.

I would swear that I tried just double quotes before this, but I bet I kept adding single quotes and double quotes in different ways, like this:

docker container run -p 5050:5050 \
--name="pgadmin4" --hostname="pgadmin4" -d dpage/pgadmin4

In any case, I got it working. I couldn’t connect for some reason to the PostgreSQL server, but that’s for another post.

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