The Second Half of 2021

July is starting, and with it we move to the second half of 2021, or H2 2021 for those of you that like the planning shorthand on roadmaps and project manager boards.

The first half of 2021 has felt like a big of progress in the world, as we try to recover from the pandemic that froze time for most of 2020. I felt like most of last year was one grinding day after another, with little change, lots of limitations, and a constant “sameness” in my life from day to day. While I like routine, I also like some changes and little alterations that keep life interesting.

I know the first quarter of this year felt like that as well, but slowly in the US things started to change. I got my vaccine does, something I didn’t expect until this month or later. The US and a few other countries have deployed so many vaccine doses that life has started to change and open a bit. I know many other countries aren’t as lucky, and I do hope that more assistance and sharing comes from the US and other privileged countries to ensure that we can end this pandemic.

As things change, I’m more hopeful than I was six months ago that we will move towards a more normal way of life, albeit likely will still some changes. I know I see less masks in the US, but not zero. We still have precautions in many places, and most people seem willing to follow whatever rules a business wants. More offices are opening up, although partial remote work seems to be the accepted practice. I’ve seen a few music and other entertainment events start to take place, so maybe we’ll see more technical events. There were good decent number of people at DevConnections in Florida, so that was a hopeful sign as well.

We are all emerging from the pandemic at different rates, with vastly different risk tolerances. Not only are countries taking different approaches, but even within a country like the US, the experience can vary. On a few recent trips, it seemed to me that we all need to be flexibly and respectful of others, willing to adapt to the situations as they occur.

The second half of 2021 will be interesting, but likely very different from the last year. No matter where you are, and how you feel, I do hope that life improves and you can enjoy yourself, both at work and away from work.

Steve Jones

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