Experimenting with RedisGraph on Docker and Windows

I have been experimenting a bit with graph databases, trying to learn more about them. One of the platforms I wanted to experiment with was RedisGraph. This post looks at getting this set up and running on a Windows machine.

Things You Need

A list of things:

These are what I used.

Getting Setup

I won’t go into getting Docker running, but you should ensure you have Docker running and set to Linux containers on Windows. Once you’ve done that, then you can start up a container.

You also need to run the Redis install to get the CLI to connect. I installed this and then set Redis to start manually and not start. You don’t need this running, nor do you want lots of extra services going. Plus, you’ll get a port conflict with instructions below.

2023-03-23 22_30_20-Redis Properties (Local Computer)

To start the container, run this code from a command prompt:

docker run -p 6379:6379 -it --rm redislabs/redisgraph

This does run the container with output to the command line, and you should see this when you run this:

2023-03-23 22_32_21-cmd - docker  run -p 6379_6379 -it --rm redislabs_redisgraph

To stop it, CTRL+C will stop the container.


To connect, we will run the Redis-cli.exe program. We can connect from programs, but for testing, let’s work at the command prompt. In a second command window, you will run this. My exe was in c:\program files\Redis, as you see below. Yours might be different, but once you find it, change to that directory.

2023-03-23 22_34_01-cmd

If you run the redis-cli, you see this, a connection to the local host, with the port:

2023-03-23 22_34_55-cmd - redis-cli

In another post, I’ll create a graph, but to test this, if you type “ping”<enter>, you’ll get PONG back. That means your install is working fine.

2023-03-23 22_36_49-cmd - redis-cli

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