A New Word: Trumspringa

trumspringa – n. the longing to wander off your career path in pursuit of a simple life, which is just the kind of hypnotic diversion that allows your thoughts to make a break for it and wander back to their cubicles in the city.

Such an interesting word. I know I had this when I was working at JD Edwards (and later Peoplesoft) in Denver. My wife certainly had it. In some sense, she’s made this come true and it’s no longer a longing. It’s semi true for me, though I still work at a desk.

Coping with stress and struggles have had me often thinking what else could I do. I still do this a little, though not more than just as a diversion since I have a great job. More now I look to find ways to actually wander away and try something new.

From the Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows

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