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Using Data Masker on Chinese Surnames

A customer had a question recently on masking Chinese characters. I thought that was interesting, so decided to test this out. This is a short post on using SQL Data Masker to accomplish this task, but I’ll a longer one … Continue reading

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A New Word: Looseleft

looseleft – the feeling of loss upon finishing a good book, sensing the weight of the back cover locking away the lives of characters you’ve gotten to know so well. I feel this often. I think this is one reason … Continue reading

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Using ChatGPT for Writing

I have been experimenting more and more with ChatGPT on a regular basis. I’m interested and curious how this will help. I had a friend at one of the large FANG companies note that they found ChatGPT to be very … Continue reading

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AI Thoughts on the Build Keynote

If you haven’t seen the Build 2023 keynote, it’s, well, interesting. At a surface level, it’s focused on AI and delivers some demos that many of us might find to be useful and intriguing. I didn’t attend the event (or … Continue reading

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