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Traveling to SQL Saturday Jacksonville 2023

I’m heading to SQL Saturday Jacksonville 2023 today, speaking tomorrow. After not making any of their events, I went in 2022 and am back for their 15th event this year. I’m excited to go, though this will be quick trip. … Continue reading

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Startup Advice

Many technical people dream of starting a company and having it grow to an IPO. The history of computing is littered with the successes and failures of companies that attempted this. As a young man in high school, I saw … Continue reading

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A New Word: Chysalism

Chysalism – n. the amniotic tranquility of being indoors during a thunderstorm? While I love the sun, I did enjoy thunderstorms when I lived in Virginia. Something neat about being inside, cozy, enjoying live while the weather outside has thunder, … Continue reading

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