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Open Live Writer

I’m writing this post from the Open Live Writer project software. I’ve used Live Writer for years, but it’s shown its age. Not the least of which is doens’t support OAuth2, so I haven’t been able to use it with … Continue reading

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Rebooting SQLNewBlogger in November

I ran into Ed Leighton-Dick last week at the PASS Summit and we were chatting about the SQLNewBlogger challenge he started in April. I enjoyed it and while a number of people started, it seemed like most waned away. I … Continue reading

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No Live Blogging

The PASS Summit opens today with the first keynote. This is one of the few times that I’ve declined the blogging table at PASS. The table has grown, it’s become a bit loud at times, and the pressure to take … Continue reading

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Reframing to Overcome Filtered Index Limitations

I’m continuing on with the Blogger’s challenge in this post. Turning the Problem Around In the last post, I wrote about limitations in filtered indexes. I proposed that my table had lots of data with NULL or blank spaces in … Continue reading

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