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Data Vision

One of the things that I often do when analyzing data is examine visual representations. I don’t ignore data, but often a graph or picture of who the data is distributed or organized gives me a starting place for more … Continue reading

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Data Will Drive the World

There’s a well known essay from Marc Andreeson that talks about howsoftware is eating the world. There’s a lot of truth to this, in my opinion, and it becomes very important for more and more people to realize that software … Continue reading

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When will we look back at this?

It’s amazing how software has advanced. I look at the software I use, and I’m amazed. I still remember texting to 40404 for basic twitter usage on my Windows 6.5 Mobile. That seems miles away from the apps I know … Continue reading

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Trusting Systems

Computer technology has become more and more integrated into all sorts of businesses. These days when I look at the ways in which automation and technology is embedded in business, I’m amazed to think that I worked in businesses that … Continue reading

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