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Initialize-HgsServiceName Fails in VMWare

A short one, but one that took some digging and debugging and help from others. Saving here, so I remember, as do others. I had a VMWare Workstation v12.x VM of SQL Server 2016 and was working with this tutorial … Continue reading

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Badly Encrypted Databases

I ran across a blog about encrypted databases linked from Bruce Schneier’s blog. I follow his musings and writings on security ,and he recommended we read it with this sentence: “Even the summary is too much to summarize, so read it.” … Continue reading

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The Worst Data Breech

I noticed this week that Australia passed a law that requires companies to hand over user information, even if encrypted. Quite a few articles that point out this might require backdoors to be created in communication systems to comply with the law. Companies are required to … Continue reading

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Someone asked a question about TDE (Transparent Data Encryption) and DDM (Dynamic Data Masking), which are two different technologies that are in the security area. As I’ve mentioned in the Stairway to Dynamic Data Masking, DDM is not a security … Continue reading

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