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High Security Prices–Always Encrypted 2019 needs Datacenter Edition

I was recently doing some work on Always Encrypted in SQL Server 2019 and needed to set up an HGS server. I went through most of the setup, and then encountered this issue: After embarrassing myself to other MVPs and … Continue reading

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Initialize-HgsServiceName Fails in VMWare

A short one, but one that took some digging and debugging and help from others. Saving here, so I remember, as do others. I had a VMWare Workstation v12.x VM of SQL Server 2016 and was working with this tutorial … Continue reading

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Badly Encrypted Databases

I ran across a blog about encrypted databases linked from Bruce Schneier’s blog. I follow his musings and writings on security ,and he recommended we read it with this sentence: “Even the summary is too much to summarize, so read it.” … Continue reading

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The Worst Data Breech

I noticed this week that Australia passed a law that requires companies to hand over user information, even if encrypted. Quite a few articles that point out this might require backdoors to be created in communication systems to comply with the law. Companies are required to … Continue reading

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